Meditation on Violence

Remembering those who have been effected by violence, particularly those in the recent mass shooting in Oregon, I ask that we take a moment to focus on the fragility of life, and of how our lives are tied to those of others.

We are wonderfully created beings –

each with particular talents, gifts, and feelings.

And yet our bodies themselves are fragile, easily broken.

When we think of ourselves, we cannot help but worry –

“What if I am broken”?  “What will become of all that is uniquely me”?

But we forget to ask the same questions about those around us –

those who are already broken, those who have already lost so much of themselves.

Help us to remember that we are individuals

but we are made of the same fragile flesh,

equally breakable.

Help us to look at one another and know that if one is broken, all are injured.

If one is lost, all are incomplete.

Direct us toward the things that unite us and heal us,

rather than the things that divide us and break us.

In this way, help us to move toward a life in which hurting one another becomes the same as hurting ourselves.

Let us cry the same tears.32-20150207_114409

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