A Meditation on the Holiday Season: #greatcommandmentliving

For all that we hold holy

and all that we hold dear,

let us not discuss Christ’s Christmas

in a way that engenders fear.

The Jesus Christians worship

accepted those he knew –

his movement based not on hatred

or exclusion

but love and truth.

For those who believe in Jesus the Christ

we should honor him with prayer,


and mercy.

For those who do not believe as Christians do

but understand themselves to be



and loving beings,

we can celebrate a season of

behavior that represents who we are

and what we believe.

And all of us

can make this season a true “holi-day season” –

contemplating the “holy”


“sowing” (planting, nurturing, growing).

We can all attempt

GreatCommandmentLiving –

loving each other

more than ourselves.