A Meditation on Loving your Neighbor

Like many Americans, I grew up on a steady diet of television.  When I think of the neighbors of my favorite sitcom families, the most interesting ones were the ones who were different in some way – and who forced the main characters to learn something.  Where would Mr. Wilson be without Dennis the Menace?  The Bunkers without the Jeffersons?  The Stevens’ without Gladys Kravitz?  And didn’t we all actually want to live next to the Adam’s Family?

What does it mean to love a neighbor?  

Open our hearts to those who are different than us.

Help us to learn what they might teach us.

Let us love all of the people in our lives

by overcoming our fear of difference

and of change.

Let loving our neighbors be a challenge and a comfort to us.

Let the cup of sugar we borrow

bring the sweetness of understanding

and love.


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